A Home Buyer’s Toolbox

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“Buying a home is a piece of cake”-said NO ONE ever

If you are thinking about purchasing a new home, you’re in the right place to start!¬† Our website is an amazing place for all things buying (and selling, but we are focusing on home buyers for this blog ūüôā ).¬† You’ll need information on securing a mortgage, what type of home interests you, who will be your buyer representative, inspections, appraisals and SO much more!¬† If you’re already getting overwhelmed, just breathe-it will be OK.

This all seems so complicated because you may not be a real estate professional.¬† Going through the home buying process on your own seems ideal, at first.¬† You don’t have to talk to a pushy sales person, go to meetings and it’s all on your own time.¬† What if I told you you could get all of those positives WITH a real estate agent?¬† It comes down to one of your first decisions on who you end up working with.¬† Your REALTOR¬ģ (remember not all real estate professionals are REALTORS¬ģ) should be someone who is there for YOUR best interests, not their own.¬† Pushing you into a sale should not be their priority.¬† You should be asked how you prefer communication and when time is most convenient for you.¬† Another plus you probably did not know is that you may have signed a contract to work with the said REALTOR¬ģ, but typically you are not the one paying them for their services!¬† In most cases, the seller of the home you’re purchasing is the one paying their commission.

I spent a lot of time talking about working with the right professional in the industry because that’s truly where you should begin your journey in purchasing a home.¬† They are trained and licensed to help you from beginning to end of the real estate transaction.¬† Choose wisely, it’s an important decision to make-call around, interview, see who will work best with you.

So, here are some tools to put in your home buying toolbox and of course, call or visit us for any questions or concerns-we would love to hear from you: