Choosing a REALTOR®









These days, it seems like every town has more than its share of real estate agents.

But choose wisely, all are not equal. There are real estate agents, and there are REALTORS®. Yes, there is a difference!

REALTORS® are held to a higher standard under the National Association of REALTORS® and the Code of Ethics.

You should ask around and check with your local Chamber of Commerce and/or business bureau for suggestions about good REALTORS® in your area.

Once you have a list of potential candidates, do some research!

Find out how long the REALTOR® has been in business. Ideally, you want someone who knows your community and has additional designations or certifications.

Look on the internet and read customer service reviews. They should have an impact on your overall impression of an individual REALTOR® and the agency they are associated with.

Once you have narrowed your list, contact some of the REALTORS® and ask them questions. You should know about their area(s) of expertise, fees, and commissions. Choose a REALTOR® that has connections with the community and a sharp understanding of neighborhoods that interest you.

The marketing strategy and advertising is what makes each agency unique. It will greatly influence the sale of your home.

You want a REALTOR® that is associated with an agency that has the latest technology available and bold marketing tools that reach the widest audience possible. This is of utmost importance because your REALTOR® should be a partner in developing a strategy to market your home for all it’s worth!

Look at the way they have marketed previous properties. If you were purchasing a home, would you find their listings easy to read and informative?

The size of the agency your REALTOR® works with will have an impact on your experience. Smaller agencies can provide more personalized service.

Be prepared to ask the following questions if you are selling your home:

  • How will you advertise my home?
  • How many pictures of my house will appear online?
  • On which sites will my home be featured?
  • Do you have other homes that have recently been sold in this price range?
  • How often should I expect updates on my listing?
  • Will I get feedback on showings?
  • What makes the agency you work for unique?

The two biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime are buying and selling a home. Protect your investment and peace of mind by choosing the most trustworthy REALTOR® you can find.