Purchasing property can be hard enough, with my Mobile Connect App you can find any place listed for sale and have all the information right at your fingertips!

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Imagine driving around and passing by a home with a sign in its yard listing it for sale.  There were cars behind you and you did not want to hold up traffic so you had to keep driving.  Thanks to the Mobile Connect App, you can open the app and it will automatically find the property that was listed and give you all of the information for that home.  You didn’t have to make any calls, search for the home address or anything!

This is just the beginning!  Other features of the app include–but definitely aren’t limited to:

  • Location-based search
  • Add your commuting location to only search within a radius of that area
  • Filter your search based on a number of items i.e. bed, bath, price, only new, only reduced-priced homes, etc.
  • Search for Open Houses in an area
  • Draw a shape around the area you want to buy in
  • Satellite view
  • Property scan allows you to use your camera and move it around, as you move it homes for sale will come up and tell you how far away it is and other general information
  • and MORE!!!

Watch this short video for an overview of what all this app can do!