Community Event You Don’t Want to Miss








The Franklin County Humane Society is hosting their 3rd Annual Trails for Tails Saturday, September 7th at Capital View Park beginning at 8:30 am-are you signed up?

If you haven’t heard, our local humane society has been trying to make a come back by raising money to fund a new site for their animals.  The estimated costs could be as much as almost $6 million, according to their informational brochure on the project.  Any donation they get will help them get closer to their goal.

The Trails for Tails is one of their fundraising events set to help fund the new site.  If you’re like me and know for a fact you won’t make it running the entire time, don’t worry because it’s a 5k run/walk 🙂 just how we like them.  If you are on the competitive side or enjoy running, they are giving out prizes for top runners!  Even if running/walking is not your thing or you cannot make it the day of the event, they are taking monetary donations on their website.

As always, the humane society is welcoming volunteers to assist with various activities for the event.

What a great way to get out in the community and give back all while staying active.  I’ve made it pretty easy for you, too!  Just click within the article which action you’d like to take.