Every Home Sold, A Pet Adopted

realtor gives back to shelter

I am SO excited to announce…

In honor of kicking off my 2nd year in real estate, I have decided to sponsor a pet’s adoption fee EVERY time I close on a property!

I always hate to see all of those sweet faces in the shelter and I obviously can’t adopt them all, SOOO this was the next best thing for me to help give back and support our local shelter.¬† Due to the circumstances we are dealing with today, I am unable to go to the shelter and video the animals to show you how adorable they all are BUT one day I will be doing that as a part of this decision.

I am SO excited to start volunteering my spare time and sponsoring adoption fees from my commission from selling real estate for the animals at the Franklin County Humane Society! ūüôā

Spread the word and help me help those sweet animals by using me as your REALTOR¬ģ!

Are You Using This Beneficial App?







What better way to stay up-to-date on the happenings around you than having the NextDoor App?¬† This program requires you to input your home address in order to use the app to its full potential.¬† In doing so, it also provides a since of security for those allowed to post in your area’s news feed.¬† You can post missing animal information, yard/garage sales, information on who you used for your new roof, a notice for any known crime in the area and so much more!

Within NextDoor, you can also search specifically in an area of interest.¬† Looking for a dentist, plumber, restaurant, veterinarian, real estate agent?¬† This app has them listed conveniently based on your location and based on what your neighbors think of them.¬† I’ve even¬†noticed people asking about the best tutor or someone to give piano lessons!

The more people we can find to join this app, the better we can be as a community!¬† The best source of information comes from word of mouth, why don’t you help share valuable information with your neighbors?¬† Click Here for a link to the app, which you can use on your phone or a computer!