Have you seen us use the hashtag “#HumansOverHouses” ?  An article came out about our brokerage that just might give you insight as to why we use it.  RISMedia, the leader in real estate information, interviewed the CEO, James Dwiggins, of NextHome for their September magazine.  It is titled, Humanizing Real Estate: How NextHome Bridges Technology and People-which is spot on if you ask me!

In the article Dwiggins explains how the company has grown in the past year and the accomplishments the business has made along the way.  They say that multiple sources have discovered that the culture with NextHome is nothing anyone has seen before in real estate.  Dwiggins explains, “Being a “NextHomie” means you bleed orange, put others before yourself, and deeply care about the buyer and seller experience. The idea-sharing and drive to help each other are the best things about our NextHome members.”  He goes on to say, “For us, it’s about creating a professional, collaborative, community-based organization that truly cares about people,” hence our humans over houses phrase.  It is always more than meeting a company quota or seeing how many deals we can close within a period of time.  It is about the people, our clients.

As you see, being a NextHomie is more than being a real estate agent.  We are a family of professionals that pride ourselves on providing top of the line services to each of our clients.  The NextHome company itself has been nothing short of amazing in what they offer to each agent in their brokerage.

I guess you could say I’m a proud NextHomie. 🙂

*Interested in reading the full article? CLICK HERE.

At the end of the day, we are focused on serving the humans buying and selling real estate. – James Dwiggins, CEO, NextHome