What NOT to Do When Selling Your Home…

I found a great article from RIS Media that I felt the need to share with you.  If you are or are planning on selling your home, you should absorb all of the information thrown your way.  The information is short, sweet and to the point!  Here’s a snapshot of what it’s getting at and CLICK HERE for the full article!

  1. Don’t over-improve…

  2. Don’t over-decorate…

  3. Don’t hang around…

  4. Don’t take things personally…

Addressing the Elephant in the Room…

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What’s the main goal of any buyer or seller?  To get to closing and settle their home buying/selling process as smoothly as possible, right?  But, what about the cost to make that happen?  It’s time to address the elephant in the room…commission.  The way real estate agents get paid is through commission, but only if the transaction goes to closing.  I’ll break this into two sections for understanding: the buyer side and the seller side.

The Buyer Side

When you decide to work with a real estate agent or REALTOR®, you are making the decision to better your process in buying a property.  They are experts in the real estate industry that are supposed to represent you and YOUR best interest from start to finish.  If you were to go through this alone and call an agent that has the home listed (representing the seller of that home) that you are interested in, you are doing yourself a disservice.  They have an agreement with their sellers that they will have their interests in mind during the transaction.  Having an agent to work with will minimize the risk associated with purchasing a property.  When it comes to paying the real estate agent you’re working with, that gets done at closing and typically from the proceeds the seller receives at that time.

The Seller Side

When it comes time to list your house and you’re narrowing down who you would like to list your property with, hopefully you are not only thinking about what you’ll have to pay.  Commission is paid by the seller at closing and would come out of the sale price of the property.  It may be reflected as a percentage or as a flat fee.  According to Bankrate, commissions range from 5-6% and are negotiable.  While this may be true, there are many other things to consider when you evaluate an agent (which I’ll leave up to them to discuss with you through what is called a listing presentation).  You may have seen “For Sale by Owner” signs in the yards of homes.  Most people going this route may have been turned off by the fact that they have to pay a commission.  Before you decide to go on that route alone, find out what all goes into selling a home and think about what it looks like in the eyes of a buyer who has a REALTOR® working with them.  They may prefer a home that is listed with an agent simply because they know the transaction is more “safe”.

Buying/selling a home is the biggest transaction most of you will complete. Having proper representation can have a major impact on your buying or selling process.  Check out our blog on Choosing a REALTOR® to help you prepare for your search.



Have you seen us use the hashtag “#HumansOverHouses” ?  An article came out about our brokerage that just might give you insight as to why we use it.  RISMedia, the leader in real estate information, interviewed the CEO, James Dwiggins, of NextHome for their September magazine.  It is titled, Humanizing Real Estate: How NextHome Bridges Technology and People-which is spot on if you ask me!

In the article Dwiggins explains how the company has grown in the past year and the accomplishments the business has made along the way.  They say that multiple sources have discovered that the culture with NextHome is nothing anyone has seen before in real estate.  Dwiggins explains, “Being a “NextHomie” means you bleed orange, put others before yourself, and deeply care about the buyer and seller experience. The idea-sharing and drive to help each other are the best things about our NextHome members.”  He goes on to say, “For us, it’s about creating a professional, collaborative, community-based organization that truly cares about people,” hence our humans over houses phrase.  It is always more than meeting a company quota or seeing how many deals we can close within a period of time.  It is about the people, our clients.

As you see, being a NextHomie is more than being a real estate agent.  We are a family of professionals that pride ourselves on providing top of the line services to each of our clients.  The NextHome company itself has been nothing short of amazing in what they offer to each agent in their brokerage.

I guess you could say I’m a proud NextHomie. 🙂

*Interested in reading the full article? CLICK HERE.

At the end of the day, we are focused on serving the humans buying and selling real estate. – James Dwiggins, CEO, NextHome

Are You Settling For Less in Real Estate?

One Single House with for Sale Text Notice on Signboard on White Background 3D Illustration

You are driving around looking for “For Sale” signs in yards. Suddenly you come across a home that seems like it could be the one. Sound familiar? Keep reading.

On the sign, you see the name and contact information of a real estate agent. What do you do?

If you answered with “Call the agent, duh,” this article is for you! By calling whatever agent is listed on the sign, you’re limiting your opportunities for your search for a home. Any real estate licensee can assist you with any property on the market, not only the properties they have listed (those with their information on the signs).

Find your own real estate agent, or even better, REALTOR®, to look out for your best interests. Associating yourself with a single REALTOR® will allow them to set up personalized services to tailor to your needs. Having the same REALTOR® by your side will give your home buying journey the right resources and knowledge it needs to lead to success (or closing).

Now, you know there are so many real estate licensees out there to choose from. Use that to your advantage. If you haven’t already, read my last blog “Choosing a REALTOR®”, it will help you figure out what exactly you need to look for in your buying agent.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by driving around and calling every agent you see listed on the signs and asking about the home they have listed. The licensee listed on the For Sale signs represent the seller of that home and has their best interests in mind.

To correctly answer the question above, pick up your phone and call YOUR agent to give you more information and schedule a showing. They will lead you in the right direction.

The bottom line is don’t settle for less when you deserve more! Do your research. Find the REALTOR® that will help YOU find your next home.