Every Home Sold, A Pet Adopted

realtor gives back to shelter

I am SO excited to announce…

In honor of kicking off my 2nd year in real estate, I have decided to sponsor a pet’s adoption fee EVERY time I close on a property!

I always hate to see all of those sweet faces in the shelter and I obviously can’t adopt them all, SOOO this was the next best thing for me to help give back and support our local shelter.¬† Due to the circumstances we are dealing with today, I am unable to go to the shelter and video the animals to show you how adorable they all are BUT one day I will be doing that as a part of this decision.

I am SO excited to start volunteering my spare time and sponsoring adoption fees from my commission from selling real estate for the animals at the Franklin County Humane Society! ūüôā

Spread the word and help me help those sweet animals by using me as your REALTOR¬ģ!

Franklin County June Housing Statistics

home sales in Franklin County Kentucky

It is still a seller’s market in our neck of the woods in Franklin County.¬† Prices are inflated and even homes that were sitting on the market long are selling now due to the limited inventory and options for buyers.¬† If you were thinking about selling…now is the time!¬† Check out my page for sellers here for more resources on getting started or just¬†shoot me a call/text at 502.320.7750.

LOANS: Pre-Approval v. Pre-Qualification: What, How & When?

Getting a house loan

Let’s face it, it isn’t all that common that people can pay cash for a house.¬† This means they must get a loan, and that requires several factors.¬† Most people will jump into house hunting without knowing what to do or what to expect.¬† Let me start from the beginning with a couple definitions…

THE WHAT¬†A lot of people get mixed up on whether they are pre-qualified for a loan or pre-approved, and maybe some people didn’t even know there was a difference.¬†¬†Pre-qualification is the initial step you may take when first contacting a lender.¬† They will ask you questions and you will respond with your answers, simple.¬† This can even be done over the phone.¬† The lender’s response is what you will likely qualify for if you were to fully apply for a loan.¬†¬†Pre-approval¬†on the other hand is more in-depth digging.¬† In this process, the lender will require proof of what you have said by asking for several different documents.¬† Once the lender has everything he/she needs, then they will be able to fully approve you for your loan.

THE HOW¬†Ready to figure out what type of loan you qualify for?¬† Let me take it back a step and let you know that the first step in the Home Buying Process is to find a REALTOR¬ģ to work in your best interests (if you’d like my Home Buying Process document, let me know-I am happy to share resources).¬† Once you’ve found yourself a real estate agent you’re comfortable with, ask them about lenders and for recommendations.¬† Usually agents will have several in their wheelhouse and can steer you in the right direction.¬† You’ll want to contact not one or two, but at least three different lenders to see who can get you the best loan terms-not every company/bank is the same.¬† You also want to find someone who you know will communicate well with you.¬† You pick your lender and then the process begins!¬† The lender and your real estate agent should guide you along the way.

THE WHEN¬†Before you begin looking for a home, you’ll want to speak with lenders and find one who best suits you-as I stated above.¬† The key word in the previous sentence was “before“.¬† You do not want to jump into your home search without knowing what you qualify for.¬† You can assume you will be at a certain price range and be looking at things way over your real capability.¬† Once you move down to homes more in your price range, you may never be satisfied with what you see because you now have unrealistic expectations.¬† Another reason you should go to a lender before looking for homes, is so you are ready to jump on a house whenever you need to.¬† Usually people like to see a letter of pre-qualification or approval submitted with an offer (and sometimes they require it).¬† This shows the seller you are ready and have taken the necessary steps to go through with the transaction.¬† If you see a home you love and you don’t have a letter when some other buyer does…you may lose the house.

Hopefully this information has been beneficial and you can now relay it to your friends and family to help them out in the home buying process.¬† Let me know if you’re ready to take that step yourself, contact me by call or text at 502.320.7750 or by email at Cassidy.NextHome@gmail.com ūüôā

A Must-Read Guide on How to Sell Your House

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You can also check out my page for Sellers here to get access to even more resources.¬† Give me a call when you are ready to sell your home‚Äďor if you just have questions but aren’t quite ready.¬† 502.320.7750