Updates to My Website


Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you all know about something new I am working on adding to my website that is going to be SUPER helpful when it comes to finding things to do, places to see, great restaurants and MORE.  I will categorize it all by location in the areas I typically cover.

Keep checking back for more information.  There will be a specific section in the menu section on my site to help with easy navigation.  If you have any suggestions or requests on the type of information you would like, please comment or message me directly!

Being a Newer Agent in Real Estate


Let me set the stage real quickly: Towards the end of May 2019 I began studying and taking my course in order to obtain my Kentucky Real Estate License.  I had just finished my junior year at the University of Kentucky and was more than ready for a summer break, but also knew if I really wanted to get my license I needed to start right away.  I had a goal of finishing and receiving my license before the start of my senior year in August.  After the obstacles of quizzes and exams and money and more exams and more money (not to mention real life in between all of this) I finally got the email I had been waiting for.  My license became active August 26th…two days before my semester began.  Close call, but hey-I did it!

Before I received my license I was SO excited, ready to take the bull by the horns, get out there and take on THE WORLD.  Once I got it-it got real, real quick.  It has been a bit of a struggle if I am being honest-I always want to be real with you all.  It’s like I am standing at the bottom of a skyscraper, looking up at all of the other real estate agents around and how successful they are and wondering “HOW?”  How did they get there?  What obstacles did they have to overcome?  How long did it take them to get to where they are now?  My questions are never ending and I want nothing more than to be at the top of that skyscraper looking out and reminiscing on all I have done to get to that point.

Being a newer agent is not the easiest.  I have more experienced agents around me trying to reach the same clientele as me.  I am younger.  I am still finishing school at the University of Kentucky.  I most definitely do not have a lot of money to help with marketing.  All of this may be true, but I choose to focus on the good.

Because I am new, I have more updated knowledge of real estate contents as a whole.  Because I am new I have fresh insight into the ever-changing real estate industry.  Because I am new AND young, I have experience with technology-which seems to be taking over.  Because I am new AND receiving my degree, I will better be able to differentiate myself from other agents.  Because I am new, I am DETERMINED and EAGER to push my career to extraordinary lengths.

Moving forward I plan to document my experience as a Kentucky Real Estate Sales Associate and REALTOR®.  I want to be able to help others grow when my time comes.  Not only that-I will do it all by being ME.  I am on Facebook and Instagram (@cassidy.the.realtor) and will be starting a vlog (video blog) on YouTube to better connect with others around the community, state, and heck maybe even around the nation!

I appreciate those of you who took the time to read this-as it is what will be the beginning to a new season in my life that I am extremely grateful for. 🙂


Tips for Buying a Home in The Winter


Home shopping is exciting, sometimes so exciting you lose sight of some important things.  When looking for a home to purchase in the winter you will be exposed to different factors that may impact your decision in whether or not you should make an offer on a property.  Take a look at these tips to keep in mind when buying a home this winter:

  1. Be aware of drafts or leaks in windows, doors and roofs.  Winter is the perfect time to notice the chilly drafts that blow in that may be more difficult to find or realize if shopping for a home during the summer, so pay attention!  Look up when walking throughout the home, do you notice any leaks?
  2. Notice the level of difficulty of getting to the property.  Are you considering purchasing a home in a more rural area?  Keep in mind the road patterns-are they winding and up and down hills?  Even in certain neighborhoods you can encounter difficulties, so remember to be alert on the way to the property and imagine it being snowy and slick.
  3. Is it difficult getting in and out of the driveway?  If the driveway is steep, you can image the issues that can occur if you go sliding down the slick driveway and crashing into whatever is at the bottom…  Also, who will be the one shoveling the driveway after the heavy snow showers?  What if there is not a driveway?  If you are parking on the street, remember snow plows come through with the roads in mind, not the cars parked that they are pushing the snow up against.
  4. What type of heating is installed?  If there is a fireplace and chimney, when was the last time it was cleaned?  Does it have electric, if so, how much has the average cost been previously?  Some older homes may only use a fireplace and rely on that alone or space heaters.
  5. Are trees near the home?  I don’t know about you, but I have had my fair share of tree limbs sloping down further than I am used to and knocking me in the head.  What if those limbs were not just hitting you on the head, but drooping over the home a little bit too close for comfort?  Look up and take note of how close the trees are to the roof of the home, barn, shed or other buildings on the property.

Personally, I think seeing homes in the winter is one of the best ways to view a home from the buyer’s standpoint.  They get the true picture of the house without the beautiful landscape, perfect weather and road conditions.

If you’re considering buying a home this winter, give me a call-I’d be happy to help you find your home for the holidays! 502.320.7750

What NOT to Do When Selling Your Home…

I found a great article from RIS Media that I felt the need to share with you.  If you are or are planning on selling your home, you should absorb all of the information thrown your way.  The information is short, sweet and to the point!  Here’s a snapshot of what it’s getting at and CLICK HERE for the full article!

  1. Don’t over-improve…

  2. Don’t over-decorate…

  3. Don’t hang around…

  4. Don’t take things personally…