Technology and Real Estate: The What, Why & How

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Ah technology.  You either hate it or you love it.  For real estate?  You ought to start loving it.

I was reading in one of the real estate Facebook groups about an agent who was working with another agent in a deal and she was complaining about how the other agent did not use online services for e-signatures and emailing paperwork.  Instead, the other agent had to always meet in person and had a fax machine.  Now, I do not know about you-but I have not heard someone say “will you fax me that” in quite a while.  In real estate, especially now with limited inventory, using technology should become a new norm.  Here are some reasons for the client and the real estate agent for doing so:

  1. With limited inventory, you MUST act fast.  If you are a client working with an agent and either one of you or both of you do not use technology to its advantage, you could miss out on a deal.  Say you are at a house, you want to put in an offer but you don’t have access to a fax machine or copier so you cannot get the documents to the seller’s agent.  What do you do?  You then have to make a trip back out to the office, find a number to send the documents to (if they have a fax number anymore), copy all of the documents needed and send them over.  Think about the time it took.  If you had a phone, laptop or tablet things would turn out differently.  I use a program where I can electronically pull up all of my required documents with a couple clicks.  I can use in person signing and BAM-everything is sent to my client so they have copies and to the seller’s agent so they instantly have access to present the offer.  Now if it was between me and my client and the group in the first scenario-who’s offer would get to the agent first?
  2. You will have more access to homes available.  There are apps like Zillow and like the one I provide HERE, that allows you to search in the moment based on your location.  As a REALTOR®, I take my laptop, iPad and iPhone with me literally everywhere.  If I am out with a client showing a home, then they say-I think I saw a home on x street and I want to see it.  I whip out my iPad and am able to use hotspot and find the home and schedule an appointment.  Not only this-but I have access to all documents provided by that seller (seller’s disclosure) where I can show my client and email it directly for them to access once we part ways for the day.
  3. Think GREEN.  Less paperwork, less stress on the environment, too!  Most agents will print a sheet for their client at a showing and one for them that has all of the details about the home.  I am, again, able to use my iPad for my side of this and still give my client one to take home and take notes on.  In turn, it cuts down on printing by half.  Not only is this great for the environment-but it saves you money on ink and paper!

Essentially, everything you need is at your fingertips.  As an agent, it is SO important to be able to provide this type of service to your clients.  As a client, is it great to be able to have access to everything you need when you want it.  No more wondering which file it is in, if it got mixed up and thrown away or if your dog at it.

Technology is the future, and the future is NOW!  Do not be left behind.